Downtown Miami goes PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2011

Miami goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness 2011

Downtown Miami is always a lovely sight, just as you have seen here on, but on October 2, it went Pink – both the Bank of America building and Freedom Tower – to assist in raising further awareness to breast cancer during October 2011 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s always a joy to see downtown in different colors – and I have always wondered how cool it would look if those with the “brightest” presence in downtown would coordinate their building lights to the same color on various occasions. This display of Pink in downtown Miami is one step in the right direction. I’d welcome the American Airlines Arena and others to look into additional coordination. Continue reading

Downtown Miami after Hurricane Irene

Miami After Hurricane Irene

Hurricane season in Miami is always tenuous, and Hurricane Irene had threatened to strike South Florida in it’s initial predictions, however turned east and instead was about 120 miles to the East of Miami – causing moderate rain throughout the day and mild winds.

Tonight, however, the sky is clear and the air is crisp, freshly cleaned by the passing storm. Downtown Miami looks as beautiful as always.

Omni Mall sits empty in downtown Miami Florida

Omni Mall Abandoned with Graffiti

The downtown Miami excitement surrounding the remodel of the Omni Mall (now called the Omni Shops on exterior signage) seems to have faded as the Omni Shops continue to sit empty while new retail fills along the Biscayne Corridor.

A ‘white elephant’ hulking in the middle of the Omni/Wynwood area of downtown Miami, the developers have a great gig going on the south end, where the Art School, Hilton and US Passport Agency occupy a large area of the former central retail hub of Miami. The north end, however, is now adorned with graffiti while signs talk about how you too can occupy the Omni Shops.

I say we need a new movie theater in downtown – and I’m sure it’s still sitting there inside the Omni waiting for a refurb. Perhaps a great electronics store to anchor the new mall – say something special, like a Retail Store. Others will be sure to follow in this very densely occupied area of downtown Miami.

Until then, the 275,000 sq feet of Omni Shops sit waiting for someone to call them home.

Rainbown over Downtown Miami Florida.

Downtown Miami Rainbow

Rainbows gracing the sky are always so beautiful and since they are not often seen, each time is special. On a rainy Saturday morning in downtown Miami, this lovely rainbow appeared – stretching across the sky to bring it’s beauty to those who were looking.

With rain and dreariness, I’m sure not too many people were looking out their windows to check this out, so I’m glad I was able to capture it for you.

Downtown Miami Pano 7-15-2011 Feature

Downtown Miami Panorama

Sometimes, Miami at night is magical – as captured in this portion of a grand panorama.

Medium Resolution (1679px wide)

To see the full thing, click the image below for a small version of the full Downtown Miami Panorama (1679px wide):

High Resolution

or click this link for the full-resolution panoramic image of downtown Miami.

The babies and Momma of MiamiPuppyCam on 6-29-2011.

Miami Puppy Cam Chihuahuas

Chihuahua puppies may not be what you are expecting to see when you headed over to our site, but today, it’s the “image d’jour”. These lovely puppies shown through the gallery were rescued from a downtrodden neighborhood of Miami, covered in fleas. With a little love and lather … this family of Chihuahuas is happily together, living in a penthouse overlooking Miami.

As a community service to promote the message that pets should not be taken for granted, let alone thrown into a street, Miami Puppy Cam has launched, providing a 24/7 stream of the puppies throughout their rearing and early life.

For those of you using iPhones and iPads, or on an Android phone, you can install the USTREAM app and then search for “MiamiPuppyCam” in the search box on the top of the app.

You can also check out the Miami Puppy Cam Facebook Page too. Help them name the puppies!